Frequently asked questions

Can I have some more information on your "wedding packages?" 

Well... I don't really have a "package." I could put one together for you though. When you choose Bridle Oaks you are renting the whole property with everything on it for your wedding day. You have 12+ hours of use time. YOU get to choose your own caterer's, DJ, Florist, etc. I do supply you with a WONDERFUL list of preferred vendors that have earned their place on my list. You cannot get on my preferred list without doing a few weddings here, proving that you are a professional vendor who CARES. If you choose our preferred and proven vendors, you are pretty much guaranteed to have an amazing wedding!

What do you supply for our wedding at Bridle Oaks Barn? 

We supply the venue itself, which includes an outdoor altar with seating for up to 150 guests, a cocktail barn (open air barn for the hour of cocktails after the ceremony) a separate reception barn (3500 sq ft), a very updated and cute home to rent, which has two bedrooms, one bath and a full kitchen. We also supply tables and chiavari chairs for up to 150 guests. That's right…. you don't have to rent tables and chairs at our venue ! In addition, we have LOTS of fun decor for you to use at no charge. We have a whole room of "free" decor for you to use. We also have a rental room full of amazing vintage furniture and decor. One of our coordinators, Ashley is in charge of that room.

We also rent a cool donut station/wall, chargers, vintage china, vintage goblets and other fun stuff!

How much does it cost?

Pricing at Bridle Oaks is between $2,800 - $4,700, depending on your month, day and guest count. Pricing is based on your first 100 guests. It is $10 per person over 100. Under 75 guests? take off $200 The deposit is $800, due at the time of signing contract, (non-refundable) There is also a $250 damage deposit. (fully refundable) due later.  Rates change depending on the time of the year (Winter or Fall) and day of week (Sat or Sun)

We are closed July and August.  

OCT - APRIL  2021   SAT $4,400  SUN $3,900   

May, June & Sept: 2020   SAT $3,600   SUN $3,300 (discount given to help you with AC cost)  

(JUNE AND SEPT, you MUST rent AC! The unit is $1650 for the day. 10 hours of service)  

Any mid-week wedding: Monday thru Thursday $2800 (first 75 guests)



 Can we use our own caterer? 

Yes. (and your own DJ, Florist and Photographer!)  We do have an exclusive arrangement with our linen company and our bartender. (Linens and More, & J&T bartending) We like our linens done right and Lynn lives close to the venue, so it works out great. Our bartenders are incredible, and you will never beat their price. You must have a licensed, FULL service catering company. We no longer allow families to "pot luck" Sorry… it's just too difficult on everyone. If you want your food "dropped off" from a caterer, we have servers that are available to hire. If you are looking for a venue that puts together a "package" wedding for you, I can do that. I'll just need to know your budget and guest count. 

Do you have a coordinator or wedding planner? 

Yes! We have four! Ashley, Desiree, Kim and Victoria. All are amazing at what they do! Their pricing ranges from $895 to $1195. We STRONGLY suggest using our day-of coordinator. This is a huge event with lots and lots of moving parts and you cannot do it alone. You can hire your own PROFESSIONAL day-of,  or use one of our knowledgeable, fun and amazing Day-of Coordinators who know our property, the flow, and where all the extension cords are! LOL . You MUST have a day-of coordinator. Ask me if you need assistance with this decision and have questions. No, your coordinator cannot ALSO be IN your wedding party! No, your coordinator cannot be your mother or your Aunt. That's what we call.... Impossible! Trust me when I say this is THE most important person who you will hire.

What time can we have use of the property?

For Saturday brides, 9am the day of your Event until 11 pm. All guests must be off property by 11pm.

Music has to stop at 10pm, all days, all times of year.

For Sunday weddings the time is 10 am to 11 pm.

Rehearsals are done on Fridays. Each bride (Sat and Sun) has an hour and a half block to use venue for rehearsal. 3:30-5 and 5-6:30

What is Wed-Safe and what does it mean?

Wed-safe is an insurance company that specializes in day-of liability insurance. This insurance protects you and your guests for the day of your wedding only. You have to have it to get married or have a party at Bridle Oaks Barn. It is not expensive and is worth every penny. If anything happened and you couldn't have your wedding at Bridle Oaks (lets say a tornado came through, for example) they will refund ALL the expenses you've incurred so far.  There are two policies on Wed-Safe, and you'll need them both to get married here. A liability policy, and a cancellation insurance policy. They reduce the cost by 15% if you purchase them together. Visit for more info.

Do you charge for children and if so, why?

Your guest count is determined by the number of seats you need. If a child needs a seat, then there is the charge of $10 per guest over 100. Children (as much as we love them!) are responsible for most of the spillage, breakage and staining of linens and chair seat covers. So they are definitely counted as a guest. Also, while we're on the subject of children… you need to make sure they aren't loose and running around the parking areas at night. It gets dark out here after the sun sets and we are always thinking of their safety. Thank you!! 

Why do you charge for guests over 100?

This is my number one asked question. I do not believe we should be charging a bride the same amount for one who may have 75 guests and one who has 150 guests. The wear and tear to the property is significantly different for more guests present. Then the question becomes … where do we make the cut-off for different price ranges? Well… I guarantee if my cutoff is 100, you'll have 101 guests and not want to pay into the next pricing bracket. There is just no good cut-off where someone won't be affected! So we feel per person is the most fair thing to do. 

What kind of alcohol can I have at my wedding? 

Great question! With a licensed and insured bartender to serve your alcohol, you are allowed any beer and wine you like. Bottles are no problem. You may also have two "signature drinks" that the bartender also distributes. Or.... two types of hard liquor to be served however you like. We do not allow multiple open bottles of hard liquor.  You have no idea how crazy guests get with free alcohol. Free alcohol = lots of trouble. Last call will always be between 9 and 9:30 pm. (up to our discretion) We no longer allow bartender to give out "shots." Alcohol is NOT ALLOWED ON PROPERTY without a bartender serving it. This includes your rehearsal day. 

Can we have pets on the property? 

Well. It's complicated. My donkey likes to bite dogs. (and interrogate them)**If you absolutely have to have your dog involved, we can do it as long as you sign a liability waiver. 

Can I come out and take a tour of Bridle Oaks? 

Yes! Lets schedule an appt... I like to do tours anytime between 9am and 7pm Mon thru Fri.  I also do Saturday / Sunday morning tours at 9:30/10:30 am.  I can do other weekend tours on our off-season, which is July and August. Email Shawna at or call me at 386-216-2147